The Orcish horde is made up of the entire panoply of the orcish species, from the lowly Dreken tribe to the enormous Trolloc tribe. Typically content to stay within the Moonwreck and the Frost Range, the orcs have been becoming more aggressive and frequent in their raiding as of late, and rumors of a new Orc Lord are starting to swirl in the Blackmarch.

Orc tribes encountered by the party:

  • Dreken: The smallest in physical stature, the Dreken tribe is most likely the largest in number among the many orc tribes. The Dreken come to just over waist high on a human, but possess a quickness and cruelty that makes them more dangerous than their size would suggest. Their tactics typically involve taking advantage of their numerical superiority, and swarming their opponents until they succumb to blade and fang.

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