Note that Foothold is an important frontier town, but not a city like Glitterhaegen. Its major landmarks are comparable the most important old buildings in Gold Rush era San Francisco; not like the major landmarks in Shanghai.



Castello: Empire Square and Transaction Square; homes of the wealthiest citizens
Alta Ovest: Middle class and white collar
Alta Est: Mix of middle class and blue collar
Stadium: Area centered on the Stadium; contains the city’s primary marketplace
Bassa Ovest: Blue collar and tradespeople
Bassa Est: Criminals, monsters, outsiders and desperately poor
Porta Gloria: Outside the city walls – docks, saloons, flophouses, & bordellos

Word on the Street

  • Prefect Flavius has been in charge of Blackmarch for three and a half years. He made his name as a capable, brave, smart general during the Red Sorcerer’s Rebellion. The Crusader’s paladins like and respect him, but think he’s in over his head.
  • If you’re ever seriously down on your luck, The Brotherhood of Erastil Temple and Shelter in Bassa Ovest offers a place to sleep and some bread and soup. If you don’t mind being told how horrible cities are.
  • Mining, lumber and banking are major industries in Foothold.
  • Quaestor Marcellus also served with distinction in the Red Sorcerer’s Rebellion. He has a magic glove. Or maybe a magic hand? Anyway, they say it makes him strong enough to flatten an ogre with one punch. Or it shoots fireballs.
  • Traveling medicine shows will carry magic potions and maybe oils. If you need runes as well, you’ll have to go to a wizard or sorcerer.

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