Frontier of the Dragon Empire

Setting the Stage
A Prologue

With The Imperial Inquisition closing in on him, Titus is forced to abandon his smuggling operation based near Glitterhaegen, fleeing to The Blackmarch where the Inquisition’s reach is not as strong.

Using the appropriate signs and passcodes, Titus makes contact with Niln Boozeblood, the barkeep at The Shifty Tankard and informant for the Prince of Shadows. Titus secures a room at the inn at the cost of repaying a favor for Niln in the near future…

Ken is a priest of Erastil with a troubled past, having been brought back to life after his village was slaughtered by minions of the Orc Lord. He fears the force that brought him back was more malevolent than benign, and fears gaining the attention of the Inquisition.

One night he dreams of a great tower beset by demons, and awakens knowing the dream to be prophetic. Ken seeks the council of the leader of his order, based at The Brotherhood of Erastil Temple and Shelter based in Foothold. The priest recognizes the tower as Boltstrike Pillar, a location of powerful divine magic near Hammer Falls where the followers of Gozreh perform complex rituals and prayers to the gods. Urging Ken to make haste to the Pillar with his warning, the priest says he will call in a favor so that he will not have to go alone…


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