A burly farmhand borne back to life by forces unknown


Born & raised in the farmland around Foothold, Ken has grown strong as an ox working the fields and driving out Orc raiding parties. His large size often gives people the impression he is a dullard, but he has keen sense for people and creatures in his care.

He preferred to spend his free time hunting foxes, even forming a hunting club for the forest bordering his farms. It was there he stumbled across the largest Orc raiding party he’d ever seen. He raced home, but was cutdown by the pursing Orc scouts before he could warn anyone. On the edge of the forest, he lay impaled on a spear watching his farm set alight. His body was found 2 days later and buried. 8 days after his death, life returned to his body. He had new power and pushed the coffin lid and dirt up and rose. His eyes glowed and a frost formed from his breath. What was he? He didn’t know, and he set out to discover just that.


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